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Tulowitzki spelled wrong for jersey giveaway day

Talk about adding insult to injury. Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki is on the 15-day DL with a left hip flexor strain, and when the Rockies gave out 15,000 of his jersey to the first fans through the gates at Coors Field on Saturday, the jerseys were misspelled.

Easy name to spell wrong, but still, that's tough pill to swallow.You've got to wonder if the Rockies considered sending these to some third-world country and postponing the giveaway. Or, perhaps they got the jerseys printed just in time and at that point were like, "Fuck it, it's too late now." Whatever the case, these things will become collectors' items and the 15,000 that got 'em will never forget Saturday's trip to the park.

Via CBSSports


Dmitri 'The Meat Hook' Young got real skinny

Check out former two-time MLB All-Star Dmitri Young who showed up to Friday's Nats game looking rather svelte. Definitely too skinny to be wearing a bacon shirt. Wearing a hat with yourself from when you used to be fat on it is probably also a bad fashion choice. But whatever, we're just happy to know that this dude is still alive.

Via Cut4


Francoeur's teammates lock him in bathroom

Earlier this year, the Triple-A El Paso Chihuahuas pulled of one of the best pranks of all-time, when they convinced veteran outfielder Jeff Francoeur that one of his teammates has deaf and kept the prank going for a couple months. Even the team's manager Pat Murphy was in on it. Well, Francoeur was promoted to the Padres on Wednesday, so the Chihuahuas decided to honor Frenchy by posting a new video of him being pranked. Watch as the team locks him in a bathroom, forcing him to escape through the ceiling after being trapped for an hour. Those Chihuahuas sure know how to have a laugh at another's expense. 

Via Big League Stew


El Paso Chihuahuas get absurd new jerseys

We've seen a lot of crazy Minor League promotions and alternate jerseys recently, and the Padres' Triple-A affiliate El Paso Chihuahuas are definitely getting in on the craze with these jerseys. The El Paso Chihuahuas have got to be right up there with the Indian's Double-A squad, the Akron Rubber Ducks, as the team with the least-tough mascot name.

Via @epchihuahuas


Everyone tips cap to Jeter in new commercial

Check out Derek Jeter's new Jordan commercial which debut on Monday, just in time for the All-Star festivities in Minnesota. The spot features a who's who of celebrities and sports stars along with working-class folks and fans paying homage to the Yankees' captain with a tip of the cap.

Even Jeter's biggest rivals can't help but pay homage to the Yankees legend. Jon Lester and some Red Sox fans are featured along with some blurred out "Mets" players and a blurred out Mr. Met mascot, which was pretty funny.

The ad also features cameos from Carmelo Anthony, Billy Crystal, Tiger Woods, Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss, Jay Z, a slew of his Jeter's former Yankees teammates and His Airness himself, Michael Jordan.

I was also suprised to see my favorite rapper, Action Bronson, in there as well. Looks like he's big time now.

Via Jordan