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'Mr. Cub' Ernie Banks passes away at 83

Very, very sad stuff. The passing of a legend. Maybe MLB will change up the schedule and have the Cubbies "play two" on Opening Day in honor of the all-time great.

Here's a video from MLB which takes look back at the Hall of Famer's career and jovial personality:

Banks' rookie card, 1954 Topps

Banks' statue at Wrigley Field



Mariners Unveil New Alternate Uniforms

Check out these new digs which the M's will wear next year for home games on Sundays. Definitely a new-school meets old-school feel. They look like the current Seattle uniforms meet the ones Griffey Jr. wore during his first few years in the Majors. In a tribute to the old-school, they're a cream color and they don't have the player's name on the back -- just the number. They'll also have striped stirrups to go along with the uniforms.


Introducing the new #Mariners Sunday Home Alternate Uniform. The past meets the present.

A photo posted by Seattle Mariners (@mariners) on

Via MLB 


Chicago Pizzeria Selling Deep-Dish Cubs Pies

Yep, the iconic Giordano's wil be featuring deep-dish pizzas adorned with the Cubs' classic logo this weekend to celebrate the team holding its 30th annual Cubs Convention at the nearby Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers. Looks good to me. How could you go wrong with a classic combo like pizza and baseball?

Via @DarrenRovell


Mike Piazza Reflects On His Worst Hairstyles

Watch as baseball legend Mike Piazza talks about some of his ridiculous looks of the 90s with For the Win

From the mullet to the bleached blonde, Piazza had some really bad hair styles. He also discussed some of his most memorable facial-hair looks.

Not mentioned though, was when Piazza had his beard shaved to looks like a chain. Yes, a chain. Like he had a piece of a chain-linked fence going around his face.

After an exhaustive internet search, I can't find ANY photos. But true Mets fans remember that thing. I'm certain that if pictures of it where on the web, he would have asked about it.

Makes you wonder what happened to pictures of it? Did Piazza have them removed from the internet? Like it never even happened. Like some type of mythical creature, that chain-beard is elusive. Somebody needs to find old tape of the game and get a picture of it.


Canseco Selling The Finger He Shot Off On Ebay

Remember that one time Jose Canseco shot off his finger while cleaning a gun, then had it reattached, only to fall off during a poker game? Well, he's selling it, and the gun that shot it off on ebay. Just in time for holiday shopping. Seems like Jose will do anything for a buck -- well, except getting a job.