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Mets buy a chicken - call it little derek jeter

So before the subway series began on Friday, New York Mets reliever Frank Francisco called the New York Yankees "chickens."  Mets reliver and practical joker Tim Byrdak hit up Chinatown and bought a chicken for $8 that he kept in the Mets clubhouse at Citifield.  Before Fridays game Byrdak told Francisco that the Yankees had sent the chicken over to him.  Byrdak told the NY Post that Franciso had a "look of concern."  Originally the bird was called "Little Derek Jeter" before changing the name to "Little Jerry Seinfeld."  The new name is in reference to an episode of Seinfeld where Kramer gets what he thinks is a egg laying chicken, but it is actually a cockfighting rooster.  Byrdak took to Twitter to find the chicken a new home on Saturday asking "does anyone live on a farm that could take a chicken off my hands?"  Little Jerry Sienfeld has found a home and will be heading to Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, N.Y.  On Sunday Byrdak presented the chicken to a Farm Sanctuary media relations specialist. The Mets also gave Farm Sanctuary with a $500 check to cover living costs for the chicken.

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