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Remember who had Lebron to Cavs first: Q-Tip!

Yep. That's right. Same guy who left his wallent in El Segundo like 24 years ago. Hip-Hop legend Q-Tip had it on the 4th of July. Before Chris Sheridan became the first "NBA Insider" to put it in ink and days before Chris Broussard came into the picture with his "Sources."

Q-Tip had it first. Remember that.

Chris Broussard. Out-scooped by Q-tip. The struggle is real.


Charlotte Hornets unveil new uniforms

The Hornets gave the public a look at their new unis for the first time on Thursday. Not bad at all, but not quite as good as the original uniforms worn by Grandmama, Zo and Muggsy back in the 90s in my opinion.

I think the jerseys should have the same trim on the arm holes that is on the neck. Not sure why they skipped it there, but it looks like it should be there to me.

Also, unlike in the 90s when teal was the road uniform and purple was the anternate, purple is now the road and teal is the alternate.

Anyway, these things are much better than anything the Bobcats ever wore. Overall, I'd grade 'em a solid B.

So if the Hornets take Dougie McBuckets with the ninth pick in next week's draft, are these things gonna be as hot in the streets as they were back when I was in sixth grade? probably not.

Also of note: Hugo now rocks some sick Air Jordan XIs. I guess that's what happens when Michael Jordan owns the team.


Amar'e and Kimmel team up to prank Ron Artest

Watch as Amar'e Stoudemire gets his former teammate good with the help of Jimmy Kimmel and his cousin Sal. They punk Metta pretty good on this one.

Via Jimmy Kimmel Live


NBA players reading 'Mean Tweets' 2

These "Mean Tweets" videos that Jimmy Kimmel has celebrities do are always funny. Check out the newest NBA version of 'em featuring Amar'e, Paul George, Dwight Howard, Jeremy Lin, DeMarcus Cousins and more.

Via Jimmy Kimmel Live


Video: B. Jennings offers N. Young pill in club

Check out this video, which was originally posted by formerly-relevant rapper The Game, which he later deleted. The video shows Pistons guard Brandon Jennings offers his buddy Nick "Swaggy P" Young a pill (presumably Molly). Young refused the pill.

Jennings continues to look like a scumbag who'll never reach his full potential. 

NBA action, it's FANTASTIC!

Via Larry Brown Sports