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George drains 40-footer like it ain't no thang

Check out the absurdity of Paul George'e range on this shot when the 24-second  clock failed to reset forcing the Pacers forward to let it fly during the fourth quarter of Indiana's 101-94 victory over the Pistons on Wednesday night. The guy knocks it down so effortlessly and nonchalantly -- like it's a figgin' foul shot.

Via The Detroit Sports Site


Spurs mascot loses eyes after taking big hit

Check out what happened to the Spurs' mascot, the Coyote, during San Antonio's 15th straight win as they topped the Nuggets, 108-103, on Wednesday night. Luckily, the Coyote got his eyes back and all was well once again. Good thing, wouldn't want his Instagram account to look like Stevie Wonder's



Amar'e does Mutombo finger wag after block

Amar'e looked like the Amar'e of old when he blocked Tristan Thompson on Saturday night as the Knicks topped the Cavs, 107-97, for their third straight win.

Such exuberance hasn't been expressed by Stoudemire since he mildly threatened the Guru in a DM on Twitter a few years back telling him, "stay in your lane."

Next up for the Knicks will be the 76ers, who have lost 16 straight. The Knicks and Sixers are a combined 3-23 in their last 26 games, so this isn't exactly a clash of the titans. But that didn't stop the Knicks' marketing team from trying to get the fans excited about this matchup with tickets that begin at just $82! What a joke. It's only a matter of time til these texts try to sell me a JD & the Straight Shot cd for $82. 

GIF via Beyond the Buzzer


Raptors to bring back dino-logo uniforms

In celebration of their 20th season, the Raptors will bring back their dinosaur-logo jerseys next season as an alternate jersey to wear in select games. Just like Mighty Mouse used to wear in the team's inaugural season in 1995-96 season, when he won the rookie of the year. These are so 90s, and while guys like Camby, Vince and T-Mac could pull of the look, the purple and pinstripes weren't exactly flattering for OliverMiller's rotund physique.

The Raptors still plan on rebranding with a new logo and colors in the future with the help of the team's "Global Ambassador" and rapper/singer Drake, and will submit their ideas for the new look to the league, but these throwbacks will be a cool way to pay homage to the team's early days in the meantime.

Via @Raptors


Ginobili's sneaker rips apart during game

Looks like Ginobili will be switching it up after his Nike went out like a blown tire on him. My OG Aqua VIII Jordans have literally crumbled apart over the last 21 years, and unlike Ginobili, Phil Knight and Co. aren't sending me any replacements.