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Lance Stephenson slaps himself and then flops

Check out the most ridiculous NBA moment so far this season as Lance Stephenson slaps himself in the face and flops in an attempt to draw a foul on Saturday night in the Hornets' 112-87 loss to the Warriors.

So absurd, it's kind of awesome. Lance is such an enigmatic character. Perhaps the only person in the NBA that gets him is J.R. Smith.



Robert Swift busted for grenade launcher

What's this world coming to when a NBA draft bust who's also allegedly addicted to heroin can't even keep a grenade launcher in the crib to protect himself? Thanks Obama.



Hulk Hogan Pumps Up Crowd At Warriors Game

Watch as the Hulkster gets the fans in Oakland going before the Warriors hosted the Nets on Thursday. 

You gotta love that Hulk still rolls around with Jimmy "The Mouth of the South" Hart 'til this day. Squad!

You've gotta wonder if next time the Dubs travel to Barclays, the Nets will have Booker T. as a guest to reenact the video below.

Actually, that would be VERY inappropriate.


Jazz make fun of Hawks' spelling error

The Jazz took a minor dig at whoever sews the names on the back of the Hawks' jerseys after Paul Millsap'sname was missing an L on Wednesday. The Jazz would know. Millsap played for Utah from 2006-13.

This was the second misspelled jersey in the NBA this week after Andre Drummond's jersey had a U instead of an O on Monday. Both mistakes seem easy enough to make, but ya know -- you've got to be more professional than that. 

Side note on spelling: The movie "Bad Words" -- which is about an adult being in a kids' spelling bee, is pretty fucking funny.

Via For the Win


Steph Curry hits a shot from the tunnel

Some might believe that Steph Curry's range starts basically when he exits the tunnel.
Well, that's actually pretty accurate. Watch the video and see.