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New Upper Deck Cards Have MJ's Kicks & Auto

Check out these new cards from the 2014-2015 Exquisite collection from Upper Deck which feature cuts of sneakers from some All-Time NBA greats along with their autographs.

There's some great kicks here. MJ's Grape Vs, Grant Hill's Filas, Grandmama's Cons and a couple PennyHardaways too. They'll also be some old-school classics like Bill Russell's Chuck Taylors and Magic'sWeapons.

Of course this idea was first done back in with the 1999-00 Upper Deck HoloGrFX set with the NBA Shoetimeinserts (like the MJ card below), but this year's Exquisite collection looks to have bigger and better cuts of the shoes and surely they'll be sought after by card collectors and sneakerheads alike. 

MJ's 1999-00 UD HoloGrFX NBA Shoetime card

Via Nice Kicks


T-Wolves Have Awesome 90210-Themed Intro

Pretty funny stuff by the T-Wolves here. There's no denying that the electric-guitar riffs and sweet saxophone sounds of the 90210 theme song are still very catchy all these years later.

Via For the Win


Paul George Plays Against His Dog

When ya mans want that one on one #GodSpeed

A video posted by Paul George (@ygtrece) on

I guess Paul George has got to get rehab has to get started in some type of fashion, so why not just cross-up a dog?

The dog may be better than anyone from the Knicks on defense, but still sucks compared to Air Bud.

Get these shots up with my main man

A photo posted by Paul George (@ygtrece) on



Cavs' Tristan Thompson kisses sideline reporter

Who taught him this move? Joe Namath?

Watch as Cavs forward Tristan Thompson plants one on an unexpecting Allie Clifton of Fox Sports Ohio after playing around a little bit and calling her the wrong name on purpose saying, "you know how I do, Tina."

Clifton didn't see too upset though. So maybe there's some action behind the scenes or something. Play on player, and keep ridin' that fine line between sexual harassment and good ol' fun!

Via For the Win


Cavs Unveil 'All For One' Alternate Jerseys

OK, so these are kind of meh, but with LeBron coming back, it looks like the Cavs will cash in on these. I do however like how the "All for one. One for all." team mantra is upside-down so the player can read it when he puts it on and tucks it in. Nice unique detail.

As far as Cavs jerseys go, I always thought the blue and orange ones from the Price/Daugherty era of the late 80s/Early 90s where the "V" was a hoop were the best. The Cavs probably should have stuck with them before switch it up the the totally-90s powder blue/black look (seen below on Price, Terrell Brandon,Shawn Kemp and the guy from Bone Thugs).