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A Look Back At The Career Of Steve Nash

Check out some fun memories of eight-time All-Star and two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash, who called it a career on Saturday after 18 seasons in the league. 



Steph Curry Pulls Off Crazy Move On Clippers

Watch as Steph Curry uses a sick handle to make CPR, DeAndre Jordan and Co. look silly before draining a three on Sunday as the Dubs topped the Clippers, 106-98.

Curry finished with 12 points and four assists in the Game.



Steve Francis Has His Chain Stolen At Concert

Watch as Stevie Franchise gets is chain snatched on stage at a Sauce Twins concert in Houston like he's Slowbucks at Summer Jam. I'm not sure who the Sauce Twins are, but after seeing this video, I'm not certain that the venues they perform at are very family friendly.

Whatever the case, it's pretty crazy how much The Franchise has fallen off since being a promising young high-flyer his early days with the Rockets.

Francis was never the same player after that T-Mac deal. Sucked with the Magic, then went to the Knicks, and as well all know, going to the Knicks kills everyone's career.

Then this picture emergedof the Francis allegedly smoking crack:

Next, he put out this 2012 rap song, which didn't quite make the charts.

Then, this picture emerged of the Franchise wearing his own jersey at a Wizards game in 2014.

Hopefully The Franchise can get his shit together soon, before he's dead and his life is a sad 30 for 30 movie.



Swaggy P. Pissed At Anchor Over Iggy Diss

After ESPN's Robert Flores fired this unprovoked attack on Iggy Azalea on SportsCenter on Monday:

The Lakers forward took offense and tweeted the following somewhat-threatening thoughts to Flores, which he since deleted.

Nick should know by now that reporting sports is pretty low on ESPN's list of priorities.

At this point, if Young takes the time to react to every negative thing said about his girlfriend, he'd run out of hours in the day. Best to just brush it off.



NIU Center Takes Down The Hoop On Dunk

Watch as Northern Illinois center Pete Rakocevic brings down the house two a two-handed monster slam on Saturday in a win against Central Michigan.

OK, so maybe not quite a young Shaq bringin' down the house back in the day, but still pretty impressive by the 6'11" 245-pound Huskies senior.