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I'll Be Miss-Lin You


So apparently Jeremy Lin would've preferred playing in New York to Houstalantavegas. No shit, but where was this love for New York when Knick point guards were dropping like the brown babies I deliver twice daily? After Shump and Baron Davis got hurt, the Knicks were forced to play with the 40 year old Mike Bibby, where was Lin-sanity then? Claiming that the veterans on the team advised him to stay out of the series even though he was at 85%. 85%?! Thats a solid B, I got an 85% on my Algebra exam and I was fucking ecstatic.  Maybe he was kept out due to Mario Chalmers completely exposing Lin's lack of a left hand and nonexistant defense in the regular season. I am happy that Lin got his money, but he shouldn't drop this shit  on his new franchise (fecal reference #2). If he really wanted to play in New York, he would've taken a deal from New York. As much as I can say to make Lin sound bad, he is only 23 years old, and will continue to get better. This was clearly a mistake by Knicks management, and rightfully so, Knick fans have taken this to heart. I feel like fans in Brooklyn are basically forced to convert into Nets fans due to the fact that the Knicks have not given us a reason to continue cheering for them. How about refunding the customers who bought any of the $30 Lin-sanity T-shirts they sold? Screw it, I'm buying a Hump-free jersey. Here is a parody song that explains my feelings perfectly.

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