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LeBron, Kobe, & KD's Superhero Nike's

Nike unveiled a new line of superhero inspired sneakers for LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Kevin Durant.  Following up on their Easter themed release, Nike will be releasing the ELITE Series 2.0 line for their three mega stars on April 27th.  Each player is due to wear their player editions in the 2013 NBA playoffs.  Here is Nike's description of the ELITE Series 2.0 line:

Superheroes possess the rare combination of unearthly abilities and impenetrable gear. Modern-day athletic superheroes LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant collectively showcase an uncanny skill-set, which is now complemented by footwear boasting Kevlar® aramid, carbon fiber and articulated foam.  

Below are pictures of each signature sneaker along with Nike's in-depth description.

LEBRON X PS ELITE: Unstoppable Power

Forged by time, heat and pressure, the diamond inspires LeBron James's tenth Nike signature shoe. His elite version drafts off the rare Carbonado diamond, a virtually indestructible stone said to derive from an ancient supernova, the most explosive force in the universe. The shoe’s bright citrus colorway and graphic collar lining capture James’s unstoppable power.

KOBE 8 SYSTEM ELITE: Deceptive Speed

Kobe Bryant often showcases the adept speed and precision of his on-court alter ego, the Black Mamba. The KOBE 8 SYSTEM ELITE is inspired by the lethal green pit viper snake and the x-ray vision emitted by its heat-sensing eyes. Bryant stays three steps ahead of his opponent with his keen vision. The KOBE 8 SYSTEM ELITE highlights Bryant’s power of deceptive speed with a poison green colorway and x-ray vision graphic on the collar lining.

KD V ELITE: Ultimate Control

Capturing Kevin Durant’s thunderous power of ultimate control, the new low KD V ELITE debuts in a volt colorway, illuminated by the sharp glow of lightning bolts. The design speaks to Durant's versatility, shooting accuracy and finely-tuned court vision.


OSU's Sam Thompson's Monster Alley-Oop

Ohio State's Sam Thompson threw down a sick one-handed alley-oop on Friday night during the Buckeyes 95-70 victory over the Iona Gaels.  Thompson had a great game as he finished with 20 Pts, 10 Reb, 2 Ast, 1 Stl, and 1 Blk.


LeBron Tweets Cavs Fan Who Stormed the Court


Nothing like encouraging fans to run onto the basketball court.  LeBron James responded to the Cavaliers fan that stormed the court Wednesday during the Heat vs. Cavs game by calling him "brave" on Twitter. The fan who was wearing a t-shirt that read "We Miss You" when he hit the court, tweeted "appreciate you showing love when I came on floor last night follow back homie!!!"  "Yesir! Brave guy," LeBron replied.  In a Bart Scott "CAN'T WAIT" voice, we can't wait til another fan runs onto the court because LeBron basically says that it is a "brave" thing to do.  Hopefully we'll see a fan get tasored soon.



LeBron's Back in Cleveland on Wednesday 

The Miami Heat go for their 24th straight win Wednesday night in Cleveland.  I'm sure the Cleveland fans still hold a special place in their lighters for LeBron.  Should be fun... for the first quarter before the Heat are up 20 by half-time.


Bosh Punches LeBron in New Video Bomb

A Miami Heat post game video bomb has become about as common as a Wade to LeBron alley-oop during the Miami Heats winning streak.  After the Heat defeated the Raptors Sunday to win their 22nd straight game, Chris Bosh video bombed LeBron by delivering a phantom punch to the King's jaw during a post game interview.