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Melo disses 'glazed donut face ass' fan on Twitter

Look, should Melo have kept it professional here and just ignored this guy? Yes.

The guy went on to tweet that he only wants the best for Melo, has his jersey, still loves the Knicks ... yada yada yada. He also had Melo as his Twitter background. But the bottom line is, if he ever met Melo in real life, he'd be on his nuts. The words that he typed on Twitter never would have come out of his mouth. Can't be a studio gangster without knowing that repercussions are possible.



Melo catches a fish with his bare hands

Carlmelo Anthony's wife LaLa Vazquez posted this video of Melo snatching a fish from the water on her Instagram over Labor Day weekend. Impressive quickness by Melo here. He had better hope the Knicks don't have a quick exit in the Playoffs next season, or this clip is sure to resurface for Inside the NBA's "Gone Fisin'" segment.

Via NY Sports Kings


Boston Globe Writer Explains MVP Vote


Boston Globe writer Gary Washburn was a guest on ESPN's SportsCenter Monday, where he explained the reasoning behind being the sole writer not to vote for LeBron James of the Miami Heat for league MVP.  Washburn, who in this esteemed amateur bloggers opinion made the correct choice by voting for New York Knickerbockers forward Carmelo Anthony. 

Washburn defended his vote by stating that Carmelo "was the most valuable player to his team.  If this is a best player in the league award, LeBron wins this every year."  Washburn was very serious in defending his vote.  He stated that he "had no idea that the other 120 voters voted for LeBron James.  When I placed my vote, I didn't poll the other voters.  I thought Kevin Durant would get votes, I thought Kobe Bryant would get votes, I thought Chris Paul would get some votes.

Washburn continued by stating that it was "stunning" and that he was "flabbergasted" when he was made aware the voting totals.

Washburn finished the interview by stating that he "stands by his vote" and that we would not change it if given the opportunity.


Playoff Time for the NY Knickerbockers

The New York Knickerbockers end the 2012-13 NBA regular season at 54-28 and earn the number two seed in the Eastern Conference.  Already purchased game one tickets to watch Melo and crew take the Celtics behind the shed and put them out of their misery.


All of Melo's 50 Points Against the Heat

Carmelo Anthony torched the Heat for 50 points Tuesday night on 18-26 shooting from the field.  Melo was 7/10 from behind the three-point line.  Yes fairweather Heat fans, we know LeBron and Wade did not play, but the Knicks already beat the Heat twice, both times by 20 points earlier this season when The King and D. Wade were in the line up.  The Knicks finished the season 3-1 against the Heat and two of Miami's four home losses have been at the hands of the Knicks.  New York is also 2-0 against the Western conferences best, having defeated the Spurs twice this season.