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Caliendo reads LeBron's letter as Morgan Freeman

Watch as Frank Caliendo channels Morgan Freeman from "The Shawshank Redemption" while reading LeBron James' letter discussing his return to Cleveland on ESPN's Mike & Mike on Thursday.

It's unbelievable how much Caliendo can make himself sound like the legendary Freeman. If close your eyes, it's easy to think that it's actually Freeman talking. Great stuff.



LeBron's Elbow Hits Backboard on Dunk Try

via: G4NBAVideos

LeBron jumped so high during Sunday's NBA All-Star game that his right elbow hit the bottom of the backboard, causing James to miss an alley-oop.  LeBron however was able to throw down a sky-walking windmill alley-oop in the game.


LeBron Throws Down Sick Windmill Oop

via: NBAshowtimeHD

Absolutely sick alley-oop that LeBron threw down during Sunday's All-Star game.  Switching to the left hand mid air for the sky-walking dunk.


Top 10 NBA Dunks of the Week

via: NBA

#10 - Mirza Teletovic - Brooklyn Nets
#9 - Terrence Ross - Toronto Raptors
#8 - J.J. Hickson - Denver Nuggets
#7 - Blake Griffin - Los Angeles Clippers
#6 - Draymond Green - Golden State Warriors
#5 - LeBron James - Miami Heat
#4 - Blake Griffin - Los Angeles Clippers
#3 - Tim Hardaway Jr. - New York Knicks
#2 - Paul George - Indiana Pacers
#1 - LeBron James - Miami Heat

Lets start this week off by asking the question, why won't Blake Griffin participate in the slam dunk contest this year?  The best poster dunk was J.J. Hickson, as he threw down a monster dunk on the Pistons.  The best alley-oop goes to LeBron, awesome passing from D-Wade and Mario Chalmers.


LeBron Throws Down Sick Alley-Oop

via: NBA

LeBron threw down a sky-walking alley-oop off a nice touch pass from Mario Chalmers Monday night.  The Heat defeated 102-96,  LeBron filled up the box score with 24 points, 8 rebounds, 11 assists, 2 steals, and 2 blocks.  The Heat moved to 34-13, 20-4 at home.