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Shaq makes his return to the rap game


Shaq is back on the rap scene, teaming up with Toronto rapper, ShaqIsDope (Yes, that's his name) on the new song "Karate Chop (Remix)."

Shaq basically babbles about nothing with great bravado, and says that he gets the ladies wet like swimming pools. He also takes a shot at Canada's top-selling rapper, saying, "Call up Drake, let's play big bank take little bank. You ain't got enough, better get a loan from Mr. Bill Gates."

This is all fine and well, but where are the Fu-Schnickens? Seriously, are they still alive? What are they doing now? Handing out copies of A.M. New York at Penn Station? Working at Duane Reed? Causing terror in motorcycle gang?

How come Shaq didn't bring the Fu-Schnickens back with him? Is that not what the rap game needs? Just cause some random nobody has your name and adds "Is Dope" on the end, that doesn't mean you should make a song with the dude. The hip-hop community needs a "What's up Doc? Part II," not this trash with its fake Future hook.

Via Complex


Rapper claims Michael Jordan is his dad

Kanye West might not be the only celebrity to just get big news about being a baby's daddy. Aspiring rapper Taj Jordan recently posted a video on YouTube claiming that Michael Jordan is his biological father.

Taj said that his mother, Pamela Smith, had a brief affair with the six-time NBA champion. He also claimed that M.J. has always known about him, and they have met in the past. Taj said he lived knowing he was M.J.'s secret son for a while before breaking his silence on Christmas.

In addition to rapping, the teen from Atlanta is also a standout on the soccer field. Taj is one of the top ten goalkeepers in Georgia according to World Star Hip Hop.

Taj also posted a photo on Twitter of his mom and M.J. (with Jim McMahon lurking in the background). Lets get a paternity test instead!

Via Black Sports Online


LeBron loves himself some Trinidad James

"Popped a molly, I'm sweatin'. Woo!"

Nice to see Bron-Bron providing a great example for the kids.

Did Trinidad James borrow that cheetah print shirt from Chris Bosh?


Listen: Kevin Durant's new rap song

Language NSFW*

*Unless you work someplace where cussin' and dropping the N-bomb are acceptable

NBA All-Star Kevin Durant can usually be seen giving his momma a hug after his games. Well, he better watch out because she's going to want to wash his mouth out with soap after this one.

Take a listed above as The Durantula makes a guest appearance on the song "Rolls Royce" by some dude named on Privaledge.

Last week, Durant told the Washington Post that he was seriously considering dropping a full rap album in the near future.

"I enjoy doing a a lot of different things," said Durant. "I'm talented in a lot of different areas. Rapping is one of those things I just enjoy doing…I think I'm going to do something. I have some resources and some nice people that's going to help me out. I have a studio in my house already. Maybe I might put out a little something and have a little something."


Slim Thug pissed at Harden for allegedly throwing up Bloods gang sign

After James Harden drained this dagger to win Game 5 in the Western Conference Finals, Houston rapper Slim Thug took to Twitter to call out him out for throwing up an alleged gang sign. Slim Thug basically said that Harden wasn't no gansta because he's rich, always playin' basketball and has a mo-hawk.

Slim Thug also wondered, If harden is a blood, how could he wear a blue jersey? Very interesting. What if some dude from the crips is drafted by the Bulls drafted by the Bulls? Should he keep it real with his homies and tell D. Rose and coach Thibodeau to fuck off?

While thowin' up gang signs in the NBA is nothing new, maybe Harden was just giving a misunderstood "hang loose" sign that surfers do. Also he dresses more like Steve Urkle than a gang member. However, he is from Los Angeles and he is bangin' Trina, and that's pretty damn gangster.