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Jordan Presents #RISEABOVE Conditions

The fourth installment of the documentary mini-series Jordan #RISEABOVE called Conditions was released on Thursday and features kids in Chicago's toughest neighborhoods reclaiming their streets for the love of the game.  In the film a group called B-Ball on the Block enters into some of Chicago's toughest neighborhoods and sets up organized basketball games.  Founder Alvaro Obregon drops a great quote: "people say all the time, take the people off the streets, but I don't believe that, I think you take the problems off the street."  Well said Alvaro!
The previous #RISEABOVE documentaries are a great watch:
Expectations - An Iraqi girl falls in love with basketball in a country where tradition says she shouldn't.
Limits - Amputee ballers across the nation unite to play stand up basketball.
Isolation - China's passion for hoops shines bright in a remote mountain village.