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NIU Center Takes Down The Hoop On Dunk

Watch as Northern Illinois center Pete Rakocevic brings down the house two a two-handed monster slam on Saturday in a win against Central Michigan.

OK, so maybe not quite a young Shaq bringin' down the house back in the day, but still pretty impressive by the 6'11" 245-pound Huskies senior.


Shaq makes his return to the rap game


Shaq is back on the rap scene, teaming up with Toronto rapper, ShaqIsDope (Yes, that's his name) on the new song "Karate Chop (Remix)."

Shaq basically babbles about nothing with great bravado, and says that he gets the ladies wet like swimming pools. He also takes a shot at Canada's top-selling rapper, saying, "Call up Drake, let's play big bank take little bank. You ain't got enough, better get a loan from Mr. Bill Gates."

This is all fine and well, but where are the Fu-Schnickens? Seriously, are they still alive? What are they doing now? Handing out copies of A.M. New York at Penn Station? Working at Duane Reed? Causing terror in motorcycle gang?

How come Shaq didn't bring the Fu-Schnickens back with him? Is that not what the rap game needs? Just cause some random nobody has your name and adds "Is Dope" on the end, that doesn't mean you should make a song with the dude. The hip-hop community needs a "What's up Doc? Part II," not this trash with its fake Future hook.

Via Complex


Little kid responds to Shaq bashing Houston

   So this has to be one of Dwight Howard's illegitimate children, right?

Via My Sports Rumors


Shaq, Penny, & D-Scott Discuss MSG

Joining Shaq and Ernie Johnson in the TNT studio Thursday night, were O'Neal's former Orlando Magic teammates Penny Hardaway and Dennis Scott.  One of the many topics they discussed were what it was like to play in the greatest arena in the world, Madison Square Garden.



Kevin Love compares himself to Shaq


After setting all kind of records in their 83-point win over Nigeria on Thursday, Team USA men's basketball team won a nail-biter over Lithuania 99-94 on Saturday.  Lithuania actually led 84-82 with 5:50 to play!  After the game USA forward Kevin Love took to Twitter to rip on his 3-8 free throw shooting performance in the Lithuania game.  Love tweeted out the following: "Shaq on the free throw line today!!! My bad USA. Good win for us. Needed a game like that. On to the next."  Hopefully @SHAQ will have a reply!