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Ryan Miller calls Milan Lucic a "Piece of Shit" after getting laid out

This past Saturday Boston Bruins tough guy Milan Lucic laid out Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller in a head on collision on the ice.  NHL Senior Vice President of Player Safety and Hockey Operations, Brendan Shanahan announced Monday that that there will be no further disciplinary actions (fine or suspension) against Lucic for the incident.  He received a two minute charging penalty during the game for the hit.  What makes the incident funny is the reaction of the Sabres announcer on air in the above clip: "They oughta clean his clock (Lucic)". Even better was Miller's response in the clip below: "I stuck around because I wanna say what a piece of shit Lucic is", "gutless peice of shit".  Here is a Beer Mug Cheers to a bench clearing brawl in the next Bruins vs. Sabres game.

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