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Woody Johnson Puts Romney Ahead Of Jets


New York Jets owner Woody Johnson is the New York chairman for Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney’s campaign.  In an interview with Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers” program yesterday, he was asked if he would rather Mitt Romney win the election, or see the Jets with a winning record.  His answer was a bit surprising, especially if you are a Jets fan.

 “Well, I think you always have to put country first,” Johnson said. “So I think it’s very, very important, not only for us, but in particular for our kids and grandkids that this election come off with Mitt Romney and Ryan as president and vice president.”

Oh really?  It seems like Woody may be the wrong type of billionaire owner for fans of the Jets.  Do you think Mark Cuban would have said that?  No f’ing way!  I understand that the Wood Man is passionate about his political views, but to put that in front of the team you sell to millions of fans on a weekly basis, not a good look.  

By the way, the Jets (2-2) lost this past week’s contest versus the San Francisco 49ers 34-0 in a total annihilation; and Mitt Romney is trailing in the polls by 5 points to President Barack Obama.  Woody may not see either of his initiatives reached this year.   Keep selling those PSL’s buddy! 

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