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Zuzana Light Is a Day ruiner

Zuzana Light is the baddest bitch on planet earth. The accent, the body, the face, just HOLY FUCKING SHIT!! She'd breed some mean ass kids too, she's just flawless. For those of you who don't know her, Zuzana posts workout videos on Youtube with her perky tits hanging out and get zillions of hits day in and day out. I'll even admit, Zuzana just reeled me in to watch like six 30 second ads that I had no intent of watching. I'm assuming 99% of her viewers just watch her vids to beat off to her because I don't know one person who watches these clips strictly to adopt a workout routine, although she does seem like she knows what she is doing. All in all it's offical, this shit beats porn..check out some more vids posted below.


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