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Phelps allegedly smoked weed with Young Jeezy

Former Miami Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder, yes the dude who Rex Ryan was beefin' with a few years ago, went on a Miami radio show and said that he had witnessed 18-time gold medalist Michael Phelps hit a blunt passed to him by rapper Young Jeezy.

“I was on South Beach probably three weeks before [the infamous photo of Phelps ripping a bong came out]” Crowder said. “Everybody knows who Young Jeezy is — he was in [the club]. It was crazy because it was Young Jeezy and Michael in the next section over from us at [the club]. I look and I see Young Jeezy’s hanging out with a big old white guy and it was Michael Phelps.

“I shook his hand and he was blowing people off because he was drunk too, and I see him hit the blunt later on when Jeezy passed it. No lie! I don’t get star struck or impressed by many people but when I saw Young Jeezy hand Michael Phelps a blunt that was impressive to me,” Crowder said on "The Jorge Sedano Show" on WQAM.

But seriously, who hasn't blazed with Young Jeezy? Can't ban the Snowman!

Crowder, who played his college ball at Flordia also said that former Gators swimmer Ryan Lochte also used to enjoy the gonga.

“When I left Florida, Ryan Lochte was younger than me so he had to be a new freshman,” Crowder said. “And he walked around with his hippie long blond hair and he smoked weed all the time. That’s what Ryan Lochte was. The first time I saw him was in the Olympic Trials and he had the Gator [swim cap] on and I didn’t know the name Ryan Lochte — I remembered the face. And I was like, ‘Oh it’s a Gator in the Olympics.’ I looked and I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s the little hippie pothead boy that was a freshman when I was there.’”

What a whistle-blower this Channing Crowder is! His Stop Snitchin' T-Shirt must have gotten lost in the mail.

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