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Shaq drops freestyle rap dissing Dwight Howard

*Language NSFW*

Citizens of Los Angeles: It is official. There is beef in the streets. Check out the video above as Shaquille O'Neal lets off a some steam in the form of a freestyle rap addressed to new Lakers big-man Dwight Howard.

Shaq raps: "Like I said before/You will get devoured/But don't you ever call me/Dwight Howard/Ask that boy LeBron/Who's the real Supermon?'

How devastating is this freestyle? On a scale of one to ether, it ranks just below "Kobe tell me how my A$s taste".

Perhaps the next move by Dwight will be forming a hip-hop duo with Kobe fire back at Shaq. Only thing is, Kobe might now be willing to pass the mic, because we all know he doesn't like to pass the ball.

Shaq's classic freestyle dissin' Kobe is above. Language is also NSFW.

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