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Giants Defeat Cowboys by a couple of knuckles

Giants defeated the Cowboys 29-24 in their home stadium in Arlington on Sunday night.

This couldn't of happened if Dez Bryant's nearly camouflaged knuckles weren't caught by the cameras touching the white paint after tumbling to the ground with a spectacular reception with about 5 seconds on the clock. If Dez was considered in bounds after catching this pass the score would of been 30-29 putting the Cowboys in position to win the ball game. After the "long-fingered" Dez was called for the incomplete pass after a careful review by the booth, 10 seconds was added to the clock and Romo threw an incomplete pass to Miles Austin. The second (and final play) of the game he whirled another hail mary pass that floated out of reach for anyone on the Cowboys offense to get another shot at a miracle catch in the endzone.

To alert fantasy owners: Dez Bryant was limping after the catch, but he did play 1 of the last 2 snaps of of the ball game giving hope you'll see him active on Sunday.

This Giants win advances them to a 6-2 record and remaining first in the division. Cowboy's are now tied for second place with the Eagles with the 3-5 Redskins tailgating from behind.

 By the way, Dez Bryants fingers are so long I bet he can get Sasha Grey off with those bad boys.

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