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Jay-Z Takes the R Train to Last Show


Just like NYC mayor, Mike Bloomberg, super-star rap artist Jay-Z (Also known as Shawn Carter) rides the R train and causes quite the commotion on the way to his last show at Barclay's Center, Brooklyn. Jay took the train with armed bodyguards and plainclothes police officers in his clique. Some scary looking dudes if you ask me. Although this act may have seemed humble, Jay not only came with his own security detail but also a camera crew (How do you think we got these shots?!). Smells like a marketing campaign to me. Young Hova is trying to appeal to the people by saying he is just like us, but not really. I know when I get on the subway, I leave my security detail at the office. It's all good though. Jay, you can't be exactly like me riding the subway but I can sure try to be like you and rap. So here's one for you Jay. Tonight I'm going to rap like Jay-Z, throw up my gang sign, and pour one out on the concrete for my fallen souljahs! We love you, HOVA!


And here, for your at home entertainment, is a clip of the very first of Jay-Z's series of shows at Barclay's Center. Time for a lil nostalgia :)

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