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Jamaal Charles Got Turned Inside Out

In a game that seemed as if things couldn't get any worse for the Kansas City Chiefs, things did in fact get worse. With the score 24-6 in the 4th quarter, the Kansas City Chiefs were hoping to stage a major comeback by sealing a 3-score deficit.  Hopes were taken away instantly when Chargers linebacker, Donald Butler, rocked Jamaal Charles so hard you can see JC's soul leave his body. Jamaal's back erected parallel with the ground instantaneously and his arms when up for a few seconds looking like stringed puppet. Every Chief fan in the stadium-I'm assuming there was like 50 because it was a Charger home game-went silent after witnessing their star running back drop to the ground almost having a seizure. The score summed up at Chargers 31 Chiefs 13 by the end of play, so as you see Jamaal wasn't the only thing turned inside out.


By the way, did anyone not think KC was going to get mauled in this one?

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