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Andrew Wiggins Has The Best Recruiting Trip Ever

ESPN’s number one ranked high school prospect is a 6’ 7”, 200 pound small forward from Huntington Prep School (Huntington, West Virginia) named Andrew Wiggins.   Wiggins, who is a native of Toronto Canada has yet to declare which college he is planning on attending next fall.  He is currently visiting all of the schools in the running in an attempt to figure out where he will fit in best (UNC, UK, FSU, Florida and Kansas).  

Last night, young Mr. Wiggins was on his recruiting trip to Florida State and the big guns were brought out to sway his choice in the form of smoking hot co-eds.   Frankly, I don’t care who’s idea this was, all I want to say is who ever thought of this is AWESOME!   If I was Wiggings, I would have announced my choice right on the spot.  

Wiggins is currently averaging 25 points and 13 rebounds per game this year, many scouts think he is a “once or twice in a decade prospect.”   With ups like this, I can see what they mean.  

Via Yahoo Sports

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