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CM Punk is ready to beat down Chris Brown

WWE wrestler CM Punk is sick of Chris Brown and ready to kick some ass after the two got in a Twitter fight earlier this week. Punk want to personally punish Brown for beating Rihanna, who coincidentally may be back together with Brown, after the pair recorded two songs together.

Punk brings up the good point that cleaning up litter on the side of the highway isn't an acceptable crime for the Crime Brown committed, and he simply would like to take justice into his own hands. Brown responded by saying the Punk is on steroids. Weather that is true or not, Brown is the one who acts like he's got roid rage. Throwing chairs at windows when someone asks you about how your handling your anger issues after you beat up a girl doesn't look to good player.

The bottom line is that Chris Brown is an arrogant lil bitch and deserves to get punched in his face. Hopefully CM Punk or someone else does it sooner than later.


In honor of CM Punk, here is a classic rant from Fox News anchor Andy Levy about Brown and his idiot fans. He definitely hits the nail on the head in this video. His last line is just hilarious.

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