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Uncle Luke Coaching Miami HS Football


Luther Campbell AKA Uncle Luke AKA Luke Skyywalker has been coaching high school football (4th year) at Northwestern High School in Miami. But that coaching run may end soon, for the complete story check out this awesome SI article

Read through and you will find out that Luke's temporary certification is about to expire and for him to continue he will need to obtain a permanent certification.  The application is in, but the Florida Department of Education is appealing the process.

Tipper Gore once called Luke "Public Enemy No. 1," due to the outlandish music he produced and he was once deemed obscene by a federal judge.   Who could forget such classics as "Bust a Nut" featuring (The Notorious B.I.G.), "T.K. The Pussyologist," "We Want Some Pussy," "Dick Almighty"  and "The Fuck Shop." Not to mention the biggest hit of all "Me So Horny," (Video Below)

Not sure if Uncle Luke will be able to continue in his coaching career, but I am sure that I will be singing the hook of this song for the rest of the day. 


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