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Rays make up 1979 throwback uniforms



Even though the Rays have only been around since 1998, they are hosting a "Turn Back the Clock to 1979" night when they host the Tigers on June 30. For the game, the Rays came up with some retro uniforms that are basically blatant a rip off of the 1978 Padres uniforms. The Rays will auction the jerseys off after the game for charity.

The Tigers will wear their actual 1979 jerseys, since they existed back then. But if it was 1979, wouldn't Tampa Bay be the Devil Rays? Just sayin'.

While they're at it, the Rays should bring back these and these from their early days when they had Wade Boggs, and Josh Hamilton hadn't become addicted to crack yet.

No matter what, the Rays' Turn back the Clock night seems like a better idea than MLB's Turn Ahead the Clock games of 1999. Remember the Mercury Mets?


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