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Frank Francisco Calls the Yankees Chickens

Via NY Post..  Another classic cover on the Post today, those guys are worth every penny they make.  The paper was able to score a quote about the Yankees from Mets closer Frank Francisco yesterday saying that he couldn't “wait to face those chickens” and wants to strike out the side.  

 What? Is this is baseball, or MMA?  

The Mets are taking on the Yankees this weekend for a 3 game set at Citi Field.  The Yankees swept the Mets at Yankee stadium earlier this month.

When asked to clarify his comments this afternoon Francisco said,"I make a simple comment because they complain a lot, for every call, for every thing."  While it may be true that the Yankees complain about calls too much, I still don't know how that makes them "chickens."  

Francisco also told reporters that his Mets teammates had a "chicken song" playing as he entered the clubhouse today, so without further ado, here is the chicken song..

On an even lighter note, according to Michael Kay, the Yankees have been contacts by many chicken companies to sponsor their products.  That Frank Francisco, what a great salesman!

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