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Stephanie Rice Catches Heat For Racy Swimsuit


Yahoo-  "Swimmer Stephanie Rice, who swims for a living while wearing a swimsuit in a swimming pool, is catching flak in her native Australia for tweeting a picture of herself in a swimsuit. The nerve of some people.

The three-time gold medalist took the shot of herself wearing a birthday gift from designer Ellie Gonsalves and posted it on Twitter. It made figurative waves one month before she defends her Olympic titles in both individual medleys."

The Wizard - Ok world, can you chill the fuck out? Don't be jealous this hottie has 0% body fat and can swim like a fuckin porpoise. She might be rockin a little camel with that toe, but she's got flawless mid section. Maybe a solid boobjob would do her good after she retires, but for now the whole "I swim faster than you" look is in for her. I don't know why everyone is giving her such a hardtime. Alex Morgan can get body painted, but this babe can't show off a two piece?? The fuck brah?

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