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Dewayne Wise Deserves An Emmy


I love the way Jeter, Wise's co-star,  knew exactly what the deal was and didn't hesitate to congratulate him on his "acting ability" while at the same time selling the BS to the umpires. Wise's "in the stands play" was reminiscent of Derek Jeter's highlight worthy stand dive a while back. The only disparity between the two grabs is that Jeter ACTUALLY caught the ball. You can clearly see Dewayne drop the baseball. A fan even picks it up and raises it in the air as if it's the fuckin Olympic torch. Maybe the umpire, Mike DiMuro, just has a fetish for dropped balls or something of that nature. Seriously, this ball dropping was as vivid as the ball that you all watch drop on your high definition television screens when your sitting on the couch depressed on New Years Eve. How did Mike not realize that the ball was not in Wise's possession? I have no clue.

Reader Comments (1)

I was there a few feet away...and I, too did not see the ball dropped. It was a bang bang play.

What I knew even from a distance was the immediate and emphatic OUT call by the hustling ump the moment Wise fell and disappeared into the crowd. Momentarily I did see a fan waving a ball as Wise was climbing over the fence back to the field. Automatically, I presumed Wise had given the ball players routinely do after an inning ending catch.

Later that night, I saw the the replay and I swear it was not what I saw live. The video looked like an entirely different play.

So whom should we believe? The ump who called Robinson safe? Or Yogi who still insists he was out? We have no video on this. Up to now, nobody really knew... or knows, except Yogi.

This much I am sure, as honorable as he was if Robinson knew he was indeed out, he would not dare correct the ump to reverse the SAFE call.

Throughout all these years, there had and have been hundreds of similar "calls". And as everybody knows, baseball not only survives but thrives. That's baseball, folks!

July 1, 2012 | Unregistered Commentercoolnewyorker

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