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Did They Really Brew Bryce Harper Style Beers?

Holdout Sports - Charlie Berger, one of the co-founders of the Denver Beer Company, came to the game with a couple of co-workers dressed with clown hats, noses and wigs while Rockies broadcasters helped them promote their "clown question bro" beer.

The Wizard - Really guys? Nothing better to do? I guess I'm asking some clown questions bro, but only a Denver resident would do such a thing. First the legalization of weed & now the creation of clown question bro beer? What's next guys??! I don't know whether to tout Harper for having beers made in his honor before he's even 21 years old or respecting these bros for brewing such an obscure beer. I really want to try this shit.. so word out to the Denver bros: mail me down a case!!

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