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Mike Vick Creates His Own Clothing Line



So, America's most disliked athlete, Mike Vick, is calling his clothing line "V7" and it will debut on Wednesday at 30 Modell stores. 25 of those stores are in Philadelphia, which makes sense because no one else on earth will buy the infamous Quarterback's apparel except for the moreless scumbag Philadelphians themselves. Don't get me wrong, I'm not calling all Philadelphians moraless scubags, I'm just referring to 99% of them. I didn't even try to find out where the 5 other stores are because I can tell you off the top of my head. Hell being one. A few in the middle east. One definitely adjacent to Casey Anthony's house and the last one maybe somewhere in Mexico.  The clothes look alright, but that 2nd shirt (the blue one) makes me want to say "that's what she said". Vick must be bored since his favorite hobby has been stripped from him, but at least he's putting his $100 million to something positive.

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