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Ralph Lauren Olympic Uniforms - Made in China


A line from the legendary rapper Trick Daddy's song Shut Up goes: "Hello nah, yo, you know they Polo."  Well, come the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, the whole world will know the United States athletes wear Ralph Lauren Polo.  The picture above shows the uniforms that U.S. men and women will wear at the opening ceremony for the London Olympics.  Looking more like a fictitious Army from a Chuck Norris movie and less like gold medal seeking athletes, the men will sport navy blazers, white pants, a red, white, and blue tie, while the women will Project Runway it up in a navy blazer, white dress or skirt, silk shirt, and a scarf.  Both the men and women will also have to wear a navy beret on their head.  The berets will have a U.S. Olympic team logo, metal grommets, ribbon ties, and of course the Ralph Lauren Polo horse.  The athletes navy blazers will have a rather large signature Ralph Lauren Polo horse on the front left breast of the jacket. Made in the U.S.A.?  Nope, more like made in China.  I know what you are all are thinking, can I get my own?  Of course you can:
Men's Blazer - $795
Men's Trousers - $295
Nubuck Shoes - $165
Women's Blazer - $598
Women's Silk Shirt - $498 

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