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Russian Model Dog Poo Vigilante

It's never a pleasant thing to see your sidewalk decorated with the laziness of dog owners failure to clean up after they're precious little pooches. But here, this firey Russian model, Maria Ivakova, takes vengeance to a whole new level by teaching a wealthy woman in an expensive convertible a lesson ... 

The video you see here (unfortunately only offered in Russian) is a short clip of that lesson. Here is what transpired:

It shows blonde model Maria Ivakova, 26, confront a woman in an expensive convertible sports car whose tiny dog had done a mess close to a city park.

Maria explains in the footage: 'Hi. While waiting for a friend I became an eye witness to a most inappropriate situation. This is very familiar.' The camera pans to the dog mess. 'I want to go and sort this problem,' she says. 'This is the guilty one.'

The camera switches to the stylishly dressed woman in the car.
Vigilante Maria says: 'Excuse me, girl, can you......?'
The driver, who has lifted the offending dog into the passenger seat, interrupts angrily saying: 'Take away the camera, turn it off....'
Ms Ivakova responds: 'Can you clean the poo first and then I will turn my camera off?!'
But the owner does not want to leave her car and replies: 'If you are bothered with this s**t, clean it yourself. Do you understand?'
Ms Ivakova becomes more angry and asks her: 'Why should I clean after your dog! Why you don't like me filming?!'
'Clean the s**t from your dog and I will go away!'
But the owner of the small dog angrily retorts: 'Do you really think that I will stand up and clean the s***?'
'Yes, certainly. I think even your dog is cleverer than you!,' replies Ms Ivakova.
When the pet owner swears at her and tells her to leave her alone, Ms Ivakova agrees and turns away.
But then she picks up the dog mess in a paper napkin.
She throws it in the car saying: 'Bon appetit.'
The outraged woman in the car shouts:  'B****!'
Then Ms Ivakova runs away from the scene laughing.

Let this be a lesson to all you lazy dog walkers is that the Russians are starting a new Cold War on dog poo and they come flinging with sexiness! Check out some hawt Mug Shots of this Russian vigilante! 


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