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Kyrie Irving Challenges Kobe Bryant to 1on1

My bank is on Kobe Bryant for this match up. This one was a no brainer. Kyrie Irving must be out his damn mind!!I don't care what Kyrie says, he's star struck and it's obvious judging by his body language in this video.

This is not a high school kid coming to you — 'Kobe, Kobe, oh my God!'" Irving says. "This is me, coming to talk to you, one-on-one."

A smiling Bryant then tells Irving that it's going to cost him $50,000

"But I'll cut it to 25 for you," Kobe says. "Just for you."

Kobe then busts Irving's chops by telling him to seek out his father for the cash.(because Irving's earnings trail Kobe by juuust a small amount.)

"But I know your dad don't think you can beat me one-on-one," Bryant adds. "I know that. I know that.

As the video clip proceeds, Irving tries to prove he's capable of defeating Kobe because he "ain't a highschool kid". Kobe mocks him by saying,  "You just came out of high school, kid!".

"I just came out of college!" Irving replied.

"You played two games in college," Bryant answers. "You played two games. You are a high school kid."

The trash talking continued as Bryant implied that coach Bryan Scott of the Cavs would call for a double team if the two were to face off in an NBA game and compared Irving to Lil' Bow Wow.

I can't wait to watch these two face off. Details will be posted on



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