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NY Knicks Owners Wikipedia Page Hacked



On Wednesday New York Knicks owner James Dolan's band JD & The Straight Shot had their Wikipedia page hacked.  Apparently a fan upset with Dolan for not matching the Houston Rockets contract for guard Jeremy Lin, changed the names of some of JD & The Straight Shot's songs on their wiki page.  From the "Can't Make Tears" album song 4 was altered to "Fix the Knicks", song 9 was changed to "Can't Make Tears for Lin."  From the "Daily News Blues EP " song 2 is now "Nobody's Got the Gun, I Let It Go Lin-Style."  The album "Right on Time" now features such classics as "Double My Order of Aging Point Guards", "Lin No Better", "Trains A Coming to Take Away Lin", and Lin-Losing'."  The Straight Shot's debut album from 2005 "Nothing to Hide" made us all dance the night away to "Ghost Lin", "Back Again, Lin", "There's Something Wrong With How I Handled Lin's Free Agency", "Check It Out, Lin Is Gone", "Lost My Lin", and "Gonna Kill That Dog, and the New York Knicks."

The video below of JD & The Straight Shoot has 17 Likes and 353 dislikes on YouTube!!!


* Wiki picture from NY Magazine

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