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Remi Gaillard Back and Better Than Ever

This guy is hilarious. Made my night. The dude at the gas station in this vid really freaks out. You know how us humans are when we pump gas, we feel completely vulnerable and cautions to our surroundings. Now imagine some crazy dude dressed in a bat costume approaches you flapping his wings. I'd shit my pants too...He deserved it though because who the fuck pumps gas while pulled in the wrong way? He's part of the 1% that doesn't back out and fix his positioning to the pump and rather stretch the fucking hose around the entire vehicle to fill up. With that being said, he deserved his punishment. But I'd have to say the rabbit double team part of this clip cracked me up the most. The bro walking with his dog just didn't know what to do...LMAO at the guy who gets kicked in the lake by Remi in a rabbit costume. I swear Remi takes asshole to a whole new level.

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