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50 Shades of Grey Movie Rumors


Word on the street is that Sasha Grey has a great shot at landing lead role for the soon to be filmed 50 Shades of Grey movie. That's right everyone I said MOVIE!! This role would require Sasha to play Anastasia Steele, an innocent and inexperienced college grad that eventually gets ravished by some business magnate. The sex scenes will include bondage, dominance, and sadism so I think that's where HBO's Entourage star and verteran porn artist will shine, but she might need a serious makeup job to get that "innocent" look the directors crave for this role. Rumors also reveal that Emma Watson is also a candidate for lead role in this movie because she may portray that "innocent" look just a tad better than Sasha can. I wonder if women will actually enjoy 50 Shades of Grey in the form a film... Put it this way, if you let Miss Grey herself be the star that she is, you know us bros wouldn't deny watching this chick flick.

And wouldn't it be funny if they handed out dildos instead of 3d glasses? lol





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