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Milwaukee Brewers Pitcher Bashes Tebow

John Axford, closing pitcher of the Milwaukee brewers, put Tim Tebow on blast via twitter by comparing him to a Kardashian. Surprisingly, he wasn't comparing arm strength, he was just simply comparing the vast "media buzz" the duo get. What's humorous about this is that Axford immediately submitted a few "backup tweets" because he was zapped with negative feedback from his so called "fans".

You're guilty Axford, just suck it up and stand by your words, stop acting like the glove doesn't fit!

Tim Tebow should send out a comeback tweet attacking John Axford's rather high era of 4.68 with something like this: "Axford I may attract more media attention than a Kardashian, but that's probably because my 40 yard dash is lower than your ERA".


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