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DeSean Jackson Rapping is Craptastic

 The above news report regarding DeSeans Jackson's recording career pursuit appeared on Philadelphia ABC, Channel 6 yesterday, and it is terribly horrific. 

When asked if he would do a freestyle during the report, DeSean responded, "I don't go out on the field without getting my game right, so what you see me doing here is getting my game right."  He then proceeded to write a crap verse on his phone and spit it like it was FIRE.  Seriously, you have to see the freestyle...  dude is worse than an 8 year old girl on her first crack at rapping.
This attempt at music is just another way for an NFL player to squander his fortune.  My prediction is that he ends up in the poor house in 7 years, start the countdown.
BTW - DeSean from the hood has also embraced the "hipster culture" of the NBA players.   Nice glasses Jackson! 

Reader Comments (2)

lmao wtf did he say?

July 3, 2012 | Registered CommenterThe Wizard of Odds


A mishap occurred which caused your former comment to be deleted... I just deleted a few by accident myself.. fking Iphone..

We encourage you to return and speak your mind.


July 4, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterThe Wizard

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