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Jason Kidd to the NY Knickerbockers



Jason Kidd was in his rookie season in 1994-95, the season after the New York Knicks lost to the Houston Rockets in the NBA finals.  On Thursday the Knicks brought the 18 year NBA veteran point guard to Broadway. With Kidd signing with the Knicks, this in all probabbility will mean that Jeremy Lin will be back with the team, and Kidd will serve as Lin's mentor.  What this should also mean to the Knicks and Knicks fans is hopefully they have found a point guard that will be able to figure out to get Amare Stoudemire involved in the offense while playing along side Carmelo Anthony.  While Anthony has florished in Mike Woodson's offense, Amare has not. After missing out on Steve Nash, the Knicks made the right move by signing Kidd to this win now Knicks team.

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