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4 Year Benz Contract: Sleep With The Boss


 She had a 4 year plan! Emel Dilek, the mistress of a late luxury-auto dealer, Ronald Pecunies, is suing his company, Mercedes Benz of Greenwich, to enforce a four-year employment contract. The role: Sleep with the boss!

The most recent is that a judge said the details behind the brunette beauty’s case can be upheld and “are worthy of a made-for-television movie.”

Dilek, a 30-something from Germany, was hired to work at Mercedes-Benz of Greenwich shortly after she and the married part-owner, Ronald Pecunies. However, after he died she was canned from her 120k per year position as “business development and marketing manager” following Pecunies’ May 2010 death. He died from pancreatic cancer at the age of 80.

At a deposition, Arthur “Kitt” Watson, owner of Watson Enterprises, testified that there was only one thing that she had done “on a regular basis.”

“She used to sleep with Ron,” he said.

Watson also stated that the basis for firing Dilek was “that I don’t want my ex-partner’s girlfriend working for me.”

“Or fiancée, excuse me,” he added.

But Manhattan federal Judge Paul Oetken said Dilek’s suit can proceed, noting “that while the circumstances surrounding this contract are unusual in a theatrical sense — indeed they are worthy of a made-for-television movie — the contract itself is not so unusual in the relevant legal sense.”

Oetken also tossed out the company’s counter-claims, saying it “voluntarily” paid her wages while her “absenteeism, poor job performance and relationship with Pecunies were on full and open display.”

“While she may have been getting away with highway robbery in a figurative sense, plaintiff was not committing civil theft,” Oetken ruled.

Lawyers for Watson Enterprises have not returned requests to comment. 

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