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Chad Johnson 911 call audio

The audio of the 911 call that lead to the recent arrest of Chad Johnson for domestic violence against his new wife Evelyn Lozada has been released as we learn more about what went on.

A few notes on the call: Chad's neighbor, who made the call, sounds like an shady old white guy. Apparently he thinks that this can all be swept under the rug if the 911 operator tells the cops to not make a big deal out of it. Is this guy serious? We live in a world where Tim Tebow can't fart without ESPN covering it for two hours. Does this guy really expect this to not get out to the media by the cops showing up with their lights off?

Also, near the end of the tape, we learn near that Chad was driving around in a matte black Smart Car before his arrest. Imagine if there was a Al Cowlings style police chase with that little thing!


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