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Family Keeps Death Secrets From Diver

Chinese diver Wu Minxia won her 3rd gold Olympic medal, but Wu's celebrations came to an abrupt halt after her family revealed secrets that they kept from her over several years.

Wu's parents, with high expectations, decided not to spill the beans about the death of Wu's grandmother and her mother's long and continuing battle with breast cancer.

"It was essential to tell this whtie lie" says Wu's father.

In China, kids at a young age can be taken from their families and be placed in special training schools to prepare them for the Olympics. They practice every single day for hours upon hours until they reach their maximum potential. Wu Minxia began training at the age of 6 and became a "member" of this "organization" at the age of 16. Wu is now 26 years old.

"We accepted a long time ago that she doesn't belong entirely to us," Wu's dad  told the Shanghai Morning Post. "I don't even dare to think about things like enjoying family happiness."

To add some humor to the situation, check out some high expectation Asian father memes.



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