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This Ass Can Wreck Your Entire Life

And the most amazing ass on planet earth belongs to....drum roll please... Zahia Dehar.

Daily Mail - Just two years ago Zahia Dehar was a teenage prostitute embroiled in a scandal involving three French footballers who were alleged to have illegally paid the underage girl for sex. 

Fast forward to 2012, and Zahia has entirely transformed her fortunes.

Trading on her notoriety as a sex symbol, Zahia Dehar reinvented herself as a lingerie designer, showing her first collection on the Paris catwalks in January earlier this year.

The Wizard-  Seriously...this ass can ruin your life. Don't stare at it for longer than 50 seconds or your heart will pound out of your chest and your eyeballs will shoot out of its sockets and melt in the palms of your hands. Her red swimsuit looks like an edible licorice bikini and her ass sends the same vibe as a $600 filet mignon. Just the mere fact that she was a high price whore to French soccer players makes her even hotter.  KA BOOM!

-Your welcome.

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