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Jeremy Lin That I Used To Know


"Jeremy Lin That I Used to Know" song parody set to "Somebody That I Used to Know".  Many valid points in the video:
* "said the Knicks would match it, like you never even met James Dolan"
* "playing for the Rockets and they're still gonna suck"
* "should of played with Carmelo, could've won a title"
* "when I think of all of the players that screwed us over" (FU Charles Smith!!!!)
* "I haven't scene the Finals since Spreewell played"
* "and now your just the Jeremy that I used to know"

By December Jeremy Lin will be wishing that he resigned with the New York Knicks.  Take a look at the Houston Rockets 20012-13 roster.  It is not just bad, it is flat out terrible.  Maybe the Rockets can send Lin to represent them at the 2013 NBA Draft Lotto during that will air during half-time of one of the Knicks 2013 playoff games.

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