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New Knicks uniforms leaked 

Stores in New York better hope all those all #17 Lin jerseys move off the clearance racks soon, because they will need space for the new Knicks uniforms that just leaked.

Yes, the Knicks new will be wearing new duds in 2012-2013, and they are a new take on a classic look. The new look was leaked in screenshots for the video game NBA 2K13, however the Knicks haven't officially revealed the uniforms to the public yet.

The look goes back to the classic NYK days before they added black in 1995. All black trim -- from the collar and arm holes, along with the side panels will be romoved. The words "New York" will still go across the chest of both the home and road unis, but the new ones will feature less of an arch in the wording.

The new jerseys will feature grey trim on the collars and arm holes. As you may recall, the Knicks updated their logo last year with the same idea, replacing black with grey. The weird thing about the new trim is that the color on the arm holes doesn’t go all the way around, it stops about half way. Also the Subway Token logo on the back of the jersey will be replaced by this logo.

Check out the leaked images from NBA 2K13 below. Didn't they learn anything from when the NFL Shop website leaked the new Detroit Lions logo on a toy truck back in 2009?

Below you can compare the old with the new


The logo on the right will replace the "Subway Token" logo (left) on the back of the jerseys.

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