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5 Sleepers You May Want On Your Fantasy Team

1.)    Peyton Hillis RB

Coming off of a terrible season in which he averaged 3.6 yards per carry, battled a hamstring injury, endured hip and throat ailments, allowed his mind to wander into thoughts about joining the CIA , and incurred every bit of the Madden cover curse that he possibly could have–it’s only uphill for Peyton here on in.  I think it’s fair to say Peyton Hillis hit his “NFL rock bottom”. Now that he’s on a better team, expect his numbers to bounce back. What worries me: Peyton only signed a 1 year deal, which may be indicative that he isn’t in it for the long term, but he at least seems as if he voluntarily wants to rebuild his image. In addition, Jamaal Charles is coming off a torn ACL injury, so the Chiefs may play it safe and allow Peyton to take the bulk of the carries.

The point: Get Hillis in a late round and play him in the flex position.

Here’s a video to exemplify how horrendous Peytons Hillis’s season was last year due to the Madden curse… imagine the bro in the Celtics jersey is Hillis’s season and The Rock is EA sports:

2.)    Brent Celek

If you’re talking about fantasy football post season superstars, then Brent Celek must be in the conversation. In the final 3 games of the regular season he racked up 294 receiving yards with a TD catch every week.  Do yourself a favor and wait until a late round to acquire this red hot sleeper TE that proved himself to the injury prone Michael Vick. Knowing that Mike Vick has gentle ribs, don’t be surprised if he tosses a few more dump passes to the 6-4 255lb beast than usual to evade some fierce hits to his midsection. Celek will be primetime trade bait by week 5.

Expect Mike Vick to behave like Chris Tucker in this video clip when Celek pulls him out of hell in the 2012 season:


3.)    Justin Blackmon

This is one of my most controversial picks considering Jacksonville lacks a skilled quarterback. Blaine Gabbert has yet to prove that he belongs in the National Football League and Jacksonville’s arguably best asset Maurice Jones-Drew is on the verge of parting ways with the team. Expect Blackmon to get a bunch of looks from the young quarterback in attempt to create a Dalton/AJ Green type chemistry. If anyone is going to drag Jacksonville out of the quicksand of broken dreams it’s Blackmon – Just in time. I’m calling him Jacksonville’s bailout.  When I say bailout I’m not talking playoffs (just to be clear), I simply mean Blackmon has the ability to get Jax headed in the right direction.


In this clip, Ben Afleck is in deep shit at the bar and “Will” is JUST-IN time to bail his ass out, just how Blackmon is going to bail out the Jags:

4.)    Isaac Redman

Issac Redman was ranked a top fantasy sleeper of 2012 before incurring a groin injury during practice on Wednesday. I’m keeping him on this list because he has not yet been declared physically unable to perform (PUP) and non-severe groin injuries only last a couple of weeks before going away. Isaac is the last man standing in the tailback position for the Steelers and he has size (6’0 230lbs) to pound in some TDs before Mendenhall’s return.

5.)    RG3


Robert Griffin III will be a high quality fantasy QB, so get him while you can. I wouldn’t be surprised to see RG3 on some fantasy free agent lists after drafting. Snag him late for future trade bait. I can definitely see him being traded for to a QB hungry fantasy player in exchange for a WR.  We fantasy owners’ love when a QB that has lighting speed in addition to a mixture of strong arm and poise- RG3 gives us just that. There’s just some sort of swag about the Redskins now especially since the rookie QB has teamed up with a weapon named Pierre Garcon (another somewhat of a sleeper) who will snag many of his passes. Last year’s Heisman winner didn’t let us down, so why should he this year?

Reader Comments (1)

I got two of these sleepers before reading this! Nice!

August 29, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKT

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