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UFC Rankings: Top Light Heavyweights

In the midst of a shake up in this division, my quest continues with the most stacked class in the UFC, the Light Heavyweights. By the way, the answer is yes, ladies and gents, and trannys, that was a picture of UFC Champion, Jon Jones. Of course the champ kicks the list off, similar to said champion when he kicks his long heels off after a stressful day of dealing with work and the kids. Or the more believable scenario, kicking someone in the face. In fact...

1. Jon "Bones" Jones- He is a beast. It's hard to imagine anyone taking his belt anytime soon, since he has basically destroyed all top contenders. I want to see Anderson Silva move up a weight class, as he has done before, and give Jones a worthy adversary. As much as I like the other contenders, they don't seem to have an answer to Jones' "Bones" (punches, kicks, elbows, or knees.) Good Luck to his next opponent:

2. Dan "Hendo" Henderson- The best 40 year old active fighter looks to use his Olympic level wrestling abilities and powerful right hand to stop our number 1 ranked fighter on September 1st. Now, Hendo believes he will put Jones on the ground and handle business, but someone should tell him "Bones" has yet to be put on his back inside of the Octagon. If we were talking about the champ in Key West, well, thats a different story. 

 3. Mauricio "Shogun" Rua- With a match he should win tomorrow night, Shogun should see himself once again fighting for the UFC title within his next few fights. He certainly deserves to have a shot at the title, but after his first go arouund with Jon Jones went horribly wrong, maybe the UFC will let a few others jump ahead of him.



4. "Suga" Rashad Evans- Another one of Jones' victims. Rashad is a bad ass, but didn't look like one against the champ. I lost 5 dollars that night, and now look at you! Good news is that he is still a great fighter, and if he continues to win fights, he will get another title shot. 

5. Lyoto Machida or Ryan Bader- This is pending due to their fight tomorrow night. If I had to pick one, it would certainly be Machida, based on his track record alone. But as far as who I would pick to win this fight, I may have to switch over to the dark side. "Darth" Bader is going into this fight with a new mindset, allowing his coaches to run the show, rather than doing what he wanted. He claims to have gotten faster and stronger, but every fighter says that. Machida, on the other hand, drinks his own urine....oh, and he trains with the greatest fighter in the world, Anderson Silva. His Karate approach to fighting is evident is almost all of his fights. He is a very defensive fighter, but you saw where that got him against a guy like Jon Jones. Cue the video.

Damn! Did you see how hard he hit the ground?!

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