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Marco Scutaro wears the wrong jersey

Check out the video above as Giants second baseman Marco Scutaro wears the wrong jersey in San Francisco's 8-4 win over the Astros on Thursday.

The Giants are the only team in MLB to have two different grey road jerseys, one with "San Francisco" written out, and one featuring "SF" on the left chest. The "SF" ones, which were brought back this season, and give a nod to the Will Clark days of the 80s, are only worn on Sundays.

Scutaro was wearing the correct "San Francisco" jersey until the fourth inning, when he decided run to the clubhouse to change to a fresh one because he had sweat so much already. Turns out he put on the wrong road grey jersey.

“I saw the visiting jersey and I just put it on,”  Scutaro said. “I didn’t notice till I was in the dugout, but the pitcher [Ryan Vogelsong] was ready. I thought, `Well, it’ll be one inning. Hopefully nobody will notice.’

“But I guess everybody did -- even the guys on the other team.”

Turns out his correct spare "San Francisco" jersey was already packed away because the team was leaving Houston for a Friday day game at Wrigley Field after the game.

Scutaro went back to the proper jersey, and the Giants rallied for three runs in the 5th inning in route to victory.

"It was good. It was the rally jersey," Scutaro said. "See what happened after that?"

Scutaro finished the game 2-for-5 with a run and an RBI to help in the win.

The jersey on the right, which scutaro wore on Thursday, is only worn by the Giants on Sundays.


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