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Wally Backman Goes Nuts, Again!


Wally Backman the manager of the the Buffalo Bisons (Triple-A affiliate of the New York Mets) got into a heated confrontation with Tony Beasley the manager of the Syracuse Chiefs (Triple-A affiliate of the Washington Nationals) midway through the 4th inning of Friday nights game.  Backman, who is also the third base coach of the Bisons accused the the Chiefs players tipping pitch locations.  In his post game press conference (video below) Backman said that he saw Chiefs "players giving location to hitters."  "We put a stop to it last time we played.  I had to say something tonight.  The catcher did it twice tonight."  Backman further explained "if your caught you just stop.  If you don't stop, I got a problem.  Thats why I had a problem tonight."  Both Backman and Beasley were ejected from the game.  Backman has been suspended for three games and Beasley has been suspended two games.

(Wally's 2007 epic meltdown as the manager of the South Georgia Peanuts)

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