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Curtis Martin's Emotional HOF Speech 


Curtis Martin's emotional and very personal Hall of Fame acceptance speech from this past Saturdays induction ceremony in Canton, Ohio at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  A must listen. 

1:56 - Martin starts his speech off by saying he was "never a football fan"
5:40 - Martin talks about watching his father "torture my mother"
9:30 - Martin tells the story of his grandmothers murdered "with a knife in her chest"
11:10 - Martin tells the audience that he has had "so many brushes with death."  A guy had a loaded gun to Martin's head and "pulled the trigger seven times", but the bullet never came out.
15:23 - Martin always thought he "would die before 21"
16:25 - Talks about "making a deal with GOD"
17:15 - Discusses Bill Parcells and "Parcells-isms" 

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