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Chick Shows How Sports Bras Work

Ok, to get the point of this video scroll to 4:40(or view the images below).. this idiot's voice gets terribly annoying, but she does have a point. I'll admit it, I have judged these Olympian chicks. I've snickered at their manly, hour glass shaped looking bodies and at times found myself wondering why these babes didn't care that they had no tits. I thought that way until earlier today, before this random dingbat blonde on my computer screen in the video above proved her point. She dressed herself in a leotard acting like a dude then seconds later POW! she was in a bikini POW! huge boobs POW! holy shit! POWW!! Although there has to be at least some flat chested Olympians, there is now hope that undercover boobs may exist!


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