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Trojan Gives Away Vibrators In New York City

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Trojan handed out 4,000 vibrators on 14th St. and Ninth Ave this evening in New York, which means there will be 4,000 additional orgasms in the New York area tonight.  Trojan gave away the vibrators out of converted hot dog carts called "pleasure carts," which is a super clever way to had out boxes full of huge dildos.

Trojan Vibrations is a new venture for the United State's leading condom manufacturer.  Hocking purple clam wands projects to be a very lucrative business for parent company Church and Dwight, who's other products include Arm & Hammer, Pepsodent and Nair.  

The event was actually postponed a day because of permit issues, but went off today with out a hitch. Trojan should get enough free publicity from this give away to boost sales significantly.  From my point of view, the best thing about the event is the fact that every news woman reporter seems to be getting excited when reporting this story.   Sassy!

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