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Airbus A380 is the coolest Airplane

In all honesty, I can't view the planes that Jetblue currently has to offer as luxurious anymore after witnessing the awesomeness that the A380 has to offer. I mean, you can take a shower on this airliner or sip champagne out of a glass like a boss and set it on your chair side minibar. This double decked aircraft has massage chairs installed in first class, showers aboard, high quality headphones to blast some tunes, gourmet food, flight attendants, bars and much more. What does Jetblue have? Cable TV and very limited destinations? Pfft. Your move Jetblue. The only weird part about it is that the flight attendants on this aircraft dress like the taliban.

This bro in this video making it rain is wearing the same outfit as this chick:

Word of advice to the high roller: she ain't all that bro. lol.

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